Suggested Classes

The Cleveland Velodrome offers a free introductory class – Track 101 – for adults and youth. We also offer next level classes (i.e. Track 201, Track 301, Special Clinics, Motor Pacing, etc.) for which there is a fee to cover coaching, track time and bike rental. For all classes (free and paid) the class size is limited to about 15 or 20 per class and classes often fill up quickly.

To become certified to ride at the Cleveland Velodrome riders must complete one (1) of the following:

1). Complete Track 101 which is a free class that includes rental of a track bike.  No experience is necessary for Track 101 and it is open to all ages; OR

2).  Complete Track 201 which is a paid class for riders that have velodrome experience and/or are comfortable drafting (i.e. riding inches away from a rider in front of you), riding in pace lines, and riding in a pack of riders in close quarters.  For Track 201, we recommend you first complete Track 101, however this is not a requirement if you meet the above criteria.  For Track 201, experience riding a fixed gear bike is also very helpful but not a requirement.

Please visit our online reservation system to reserve your spot today.

For all FREE AND PAID classes at the Cleveland Velodrome the following apply: If you have cycling shoes and pedals, bring them and we will put your pedals on one of our rental track bikes. If not, please wear athletic shoes. Also bring your helmet and drinking water. Please dress for the weather. Kindly arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before your session to complete the paperwork (liability waiver) and get the bike set up.

Track 101 is our free entry level class for youth and adults and is required for all riders that don’t have velodrome riding experience. The class is free and includes the use of one of our 35 track bikes. During this class you will learn about fixed gear riding, stopping and starting, parts of the track, how to get on and off the track, how to ride a smooth line, what the different lines mean and basic track rules and etiquette.

We also have youth only classes that are Monday nights in the spring, summer and fall. These classes are free. For more information please see visit this link.

Track 201 is a paid class for riders that have velodrome experience and/or are comfortable drafting (i.e. riding within inches of a cyclist in front of you) and riding in a large pack of riders.  Fixed gear experience is recommended but not a requirement.  Completion of Track 101 is recommended but not required.  THIS IS NEW.  TRACK 101 IS NO LONGER A REQUIREMENT for Track 201.

Track 201 teaches intermediate track skills such as how to pass and be passed, riding different parts of the track, riding in the “draft,” pace lines, standing starts, starting from the rail, riding in close quarters, etc. It is recommended that riders complete more than one Track 201 class, after all practice makes perfect.

Track 301 is a paid specialty clinics for riders that have completed Track 201 and wish to refine their track racing skills. The Time Trial specialty class will dive into the details of starting, pacing, strategy, gearing, and equipment for Individual Pursuit, Team Pursuit, 1000m / 500m Time Trial, and the Flying 200m Time Trial. The Mass Start specialty class will explore the equipment, gearing, strategy, and technique of the Scratch, Miss ‘n Out, Points, and Keirin races. Starting in a group, pack awareness, positioning on the track, acceleration techniques, how to win will be covered in this course. Participants must have a helmet and clipless pedals are preferred. As with all of our classes, you can use one of our fleet of track bikes.

Motorpacing is a paid class and is when a rider or group of riders “drafts” behind a motrocycle or derny. The basic idea is that you are going fast but your exertion level is lower because you are getting “free speed” from the moto. This is for highly skilled riders that wish to get faster. There is no better way to become a better, more skilled and faster cyclist.

Madison Clinic is a paid class where we teach the basics of racing the Madison. The Madison is a race comprised of multiple two person teams on the track at the same time. The riders take turns with one rider “in the race” and the other “recovering” up high on the track. The riders change over or “tag in or out” by using a “hand sling” which propels the new rider into the race.

Women’s Clinic is a women’s only class that encourages female participation in the sport of track cycling. We are sponsoring a Women’s Clinic on May 23 and May 24. Please visit our on line reservation system to reserve your spot.

For all classes (free and paid) the class size is limited to about 15 per class and classes often fill up quickly. Be sure to visit our online reservation system to reserve your spot today.