Track 101 (FREE CLASS!)


Track 101(a), Intro to the Velodrome for Citizens (Free Class/ Bike Rental)

Most weekends and select weekdays. May-September

For your everyday Joe. If you can ride a bike, you can ride the track! This class is geared for people who do not regularly ride bikes but want to learn more about cycling and the sport. The goal is to ride at least one full lap around the track. Recommended to do at least once in your lifetime. Who knows, maybe you’ll be back for more. 

Prerequisites: Participants can comfortably ride a bike.

Track 101(b) Introduction to the Velodrome for Cyclists (Free Class/ Bike Rental)

Most weekends and select weekdays. May-September

You ride on the road (or the dirt), and now you want to try the track. This class will cover a basic understanding of the lines and rules of the track, and how to ride safely in the sprinter’s lane. Riders will become accustomed to riding a fixed gear bike, practice the three types of pedaling, and controlling their speeds. They will practice a shoulder check and then ride the black line either individually, or in a spread out paceline. To graduate, riders must be able to ride 6 laps comfortably in the sprinter’s lane.

Prerequisites: recommended Track 101 for Citizens, based on prior cycling experience. Please contact us if you need guidance.

For all classes at the Cleveland Velodrome: If you have cycling shoes and pedals, bring them and we will put your pedals on one of our rental track bikes. If not, please wear athletic shoes. Also, bring your helmet (provided for kids) and drinking water. Please dress for the weather. Kindly arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before your session to complete the paperwork (liability waiver) and get the bike set up.