Pricing & Options

FREE YOUTH PROGRAMMING – All programming for youth aged 18 and under is FREE. This includes bike rental, track time, and coaching. See Suggested Classes and Youth Only Classes for more information.

FREE TRACK 101 CLASSES – Our very popular Track 101 class is also FREE for adults. This includes bike rental, track time, and coaching. Track 101 classes are also open to youth riders. We often have parents and children taking the class together. Classes are generally offered about 15 times per year and are held on the weekends. This class is very popular, space is limited and classes fill up, so please visit our track schedule and online reservation system to reserve your spot.

MEMBERSHIPS – The most cost effective plan for frequent riders is to become a Member.

As a Cleveland Velodrome Member you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited Open Riding
  • Free use of a track bike (if you don’t have your own)
  • Free entry to track classes, clinics & workshops held year round
  • Free entry to special events and races as a spectator
  • 20% Off Merchandise
  • 20% Off Race Entries
  • Access to special offers from partner organizations

Available for purchase on our Online Membership Store

12 Month Memberships                                             Lump Sum                      12 Monthly Payments

Adult Membership (with bike rental)                                   $295                                      $28.27

Adult Membership (use your bike)                                       $245                                      $23.48

Bike Industry Membership (with bike rental)                   $145                                       $13.90

Bike Industry Membership (use your bike)                         $95                                       $9.10

College Membership (with bike rental)                               $100                                      $9.58

College Membership (use your bike)                                    $75                                        $7.19

DROMEHEAD – A 12 month Dromehead Membership costs $69 and is for the cycling enthusiasts and velodrome fanatics that only want to ride the track a few times per year but are looking for other discounts and freebies.  Dromehead Members receive 50% off Open Riding sessions, 50% off Clinics and Classes, FREE spectator race tickets, Access to special offers from partner organizations Dromehead Memberships make a great gift idea.

OPEN RIDING – If you prefer to pay as you go, then you can purchase Open Riding drop in sessions which for safety sake are open to all Track 101 graduates. You can purchase Open Riding sessions individually or at discounted rates for a pack of 3 or 5 sessions.

Price                Cost Per Session

1 Session (with bike rental)                             $20                    $20

1 Session (use your bike)                                 $15                      $15

3 Sessions (with bike rental)                          $50                      $16.67

3 Sessions (use your bike)                              $35                      $11.67

5 Sessions (with bike rental)                          $75                      $15

5 Sessions (use your bike)                              $50                      $10

PAID CLASSES – Our Paid Classes include Track 201, Track 301, Motor Pacing, and specialty clinics (Women’s Clinics, Madison Clinic, etc.) and can be purchased individually or at discounted rates for a pack of 2, 3 or 5 classes. The classes are discounted if you have your own track bike. Please see Suggested Classes for class descriptions and prerequisites.  Visit our online store to  purchase 1 or more Paid Classes.

Track Classes – 12 Month Expiration                            Cost                        Cost Per Class

1 Class Pack (with bike rental)                                                  $25                                   $25

1 Class Pack (use your bike)                                                      $20                                   $20

2 Class Pack (with bike rental)                                                  $45                                   $22.50

2 Class Pack (use your bike)                                                      $35                                   $17.50

3 Class Pack (with bike rental)                                                  $60                                  $20

3 Class Pack (use your bike)                                                      $45                                   $15

5 Class Pack (with bike rental)                                                  $90                                   $18

5 Class Pack (use your bike)                                                      $65                                   $13

Please visit our Online Store to purchase a Paid Class, Open Riding session or a Membership. We also have other merchandise available.