Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns and operates the Cleveland Velodrome?
Fast Track Cycling, a 501c3 non profit corporation, owns and operates the Cleveland Velodrome. The velodrome opened in the summer of 2012. The Velodrome is staffed by a paid Program Coordinator along with trained volunteers and class instructors who are paid. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us.

Where is the velodrome located?
The Cleveland Velodrome is located at 5033 Broadway Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44127 at the intersection of Pershing Road and Broadway Avenue. The entrance is off Pershing Road across from Sokol Bohemian Hall.

When is the Velodrome Open?
As an outdoor facility, the Cleveland Velodrome is open May 1 thru October 31 of each year. Generally, we are open weekdays from 5pm to 8pm as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 4pm. For up to date information about schedule, events and programs at the velodrome, go to the online reservation and scheduling system.

Can my children ride the Velodrome?
Absolutely, that’s why we built it. All programming is free for kids, including bike rental, track time and coaching. Age 10 and up is a great age to get them started, however children as young as six have ridden the track. Check out Suggested Classes or Youth Only Programs for more information.

What size is the velodrome track?
The Cleveland Velodrome is a 166.66 meter Olympic style steel and wood track with a 50 degree embankment in the corners and a 15 degree embankment on the front and back straights.

Can anyone ride the Velodrome?
Yes, recreational and competitive bike riders from age 6 to 77 have successfully ridden the 50 degree corners of the Cleveland Velodrome. To become certified to ride at the Cleveland Velodrome riders must complete one (1) of the following:

1). Complete Track 101 which is a free class that includes rental of a track bike.  No experience is necessary for Track 101 and it is open to all ages; OR

2).  Complete Track 201 which is a paid class for riders that have velodrome experience and/or are comfortable drafting (i.e. riding inches away from a rider in front of you), riding in pace lines, and riding in a pack of riders in close quarters.  For Track 201, we recommend you first complete Track 101, however this is not a requirement if you meet the above criteria.  For Track 201, experience riding a fixed gear bike is helpful but not a requirement.  Please visit our online reservation system to reserve your spot today.

Can I ride my own bike at the velodrome?
Generally not, unless you have a track bike. A fixed gear track specific bike is required to ride on the velodrome. A track bikes has no mechanical brakes, one gear, and no freewheel. Consequently, there is no coasting, since if the back wheel is turning the pedals are turning. The bottom bracket is higher and the cranks are shorter than a normal bike. Speed is controlled by pedaling, by pushing back on the moving pedals or by going “up-track” which uses gravity to slow the bike as it travels uphill. Due to the steep embankment of the track, riding on the velodrome with a road bike or street bike is not safe and therefore, is not allowed. If you own your own track bike, you are welcome to use it, but please have it approved by the velodrome volunteers prior to taking it on the track. We have a fleet of 35 bikes that are free for Track 101 and available otherwise when you buy a Paid Class or Open Riding session.

I am certified at another track, can I ride the Cleveland Velodrome?
If you are a certified rider from another track, you may not have to take the Track 101 or Track 201 class. Please contact us a few days beforehand and let the staff know when you plan to come, what track you ride on, the size of the track (400, 333, 300, 250M or smaller) and what level of experience you have.

I am interest in racing, what’s the deal?
First, take a read of this article. TRACK CYCLING – AN INTRODUCTION: What a roadie needs to know to start racing on the velodrome. It is an excellent primer on track racing, rules, and such.

Unless you have been certified on a 250 meter or smaller track, you must first complete our free Track 101 or our paid Track 201 class.  See our online system to reserve your spot. If you can’t make any of our scheduled weekend or weekday classes and have a current or recent USA Cycling license or are experienced riding fixed gear bikes, please contact us and we can schedule a free private class for you or your group on a weekday evening or weekend.

After completion of Track 101 or Track 201, you can purchase Open Riding passes (drop in sessions) or an unlimited riding Membership and participate in Open Riding sessions (we want you to have many laps under your belt before racing). Race Directors reserve the right to determine who races and who does not based on experience, skill level and safety.

Are there bathrooms at the velodrome?
Yes. Portajohns.

Is there a charge for spectators to watch the races?
Generally, admission is free for spectators to watch from our spectator observation deck. IF we have a DJ or band, we will ask for a $5.00 ticket fee. For access to the infield picnic area or bleacher seating, there is usually a small charge ($5.00).

Are pets allowed at the velodrome?
Yes, but not in the infield. Pets must be tightly controlled on a three foot leash. Owners are asked to clean up any waste left by their pets. Owners will be asked to remove their pet if staff determines that a pet is creating problems at the velodrome.

Is there food or drink available for sale at the velodrome?
During race events or private outings, there is usually food or drink available for sale at the velodrome. However, riders and spectators are permitted to bring their own. There is water available for riders and spectators in the infield area.

Am I allowed to take pictures at the velodrome?
Visitors are allowed to take photos from the spectator deck and from anywhere outside the rails of the velodrome. Photographers are not allowed in the infield unless they contact us beforehand. For safety reasons, infield photography is allowed only at the times and in the places permitted by track staff and volunteers. The velodrome reserves the right to make decisions with respect to photography on an event by event basis.

Where can I get a Waiver to sign?
Here it is – the (2017.01.01) 2017 Waiver for Fast Track Cycling (dba Cleveland Velodrome). Please note that waivers for riders under age 18 need to be signed by their parent or guardian.

What if it is raining?
Weather is a factor. The track is too dangerous to ride if the surface is wet or if it’s raining. Once it stops raining the track dries very quick sometimes in an hour or less. Also, sometimes in the morning, based on the dewpoint, the track can be wet until the dew burns off.

How Can I Help?
We have a strong core of volunteers, however, we still need more people to help with programming, at race events and with maintenance. If you are interested in being a volunteer please contact us.