Track 102

Track 102 Intermediate Skills in Track Cycling

Select weekdays and weekends.  May-September

Cyclists will practice riding different speeds, riding on all levels of the track, riding with partners and riding in a simple paceline. Instruction will emphasize predictable and safe riding.

To graduate, a cyclist must be able to ride a pace line of at least 4 riders, and be comfortable riding above the stayer’s line.  Advanced riders will be able to ride a pace line above the Stayer’s line.

Prerequisite: Mastery of skills taught in Track 101 

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For classes at the Cleveland VelodromeIf you have cycling shoes and pedals, bring them and we will put your pedals on one of our rental track bikes. If not, please wear athletic shoes. Also, bring your helmet and drinking water. Please dress for the weather. Kindly arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before your session to complete the paperwork (liability waiver) and get the bike set up.