“I just wanted to express my gratitude at what you and the rest of the Cleveland Velodrome organization have done. I had the opportunity to ride out to the velodrome last summer to watch some of the racing there. I was very impressed by what your organization has done with the venue. It is truly a jewel in the neighborhood.

The events were very organized and very well run. It made for a very enjoyable and fan and family friendly afternoon. The competitors and spectators alike seemed to enjoy themselves. Many kudos for all of the efforts that your organization puts in to getting kids on the track and enthusiastic about cycling. Undoubtedly, someday, you will make a difference in someone’s life by doing so.

Thanks for all for the hard work that your organization has put into the track and surrounding area. Best of luck for continued success with the velodrome.   You guys have started a great thing, it will be exciting to see it grow and become even more popular both for the competitor and the spectators. – Marty Marsic, Cleveland (Collinwood), Ohio

“Beginning college at Case Western I was excited for the endless possibilities of new experiences. And I do mean endless. During CWRU freshman orientation we were able to sign up to go on an adventure with one of 150 student organizations. Case Cycling,  the student-run cycling team, was hosting a trip to the Cleveland Velodrome for an introductory course. My Dad has always been an avid cyclist, so I had heard of velodromes. Halfway into Track 101 I fell in love. With the wind whirling past me on the track, I was in a state of chaotic control. I needed more. I came back about twice a week that fall. The Cleveland Velodrome is why I joined Case Cycling and the cycling community.” – Sam Sprawls, Sophomore, Case Western Reserve University

“When I was searching for a college to go to, I was looking at two completely opposite types of schools. The first option was a school that was heavily athletic and had huge cycling programs. The second option was a school that had rigorous academics. At first, I thought choosing between these two types of schools meant choosing between my two loves, academics and cycling. However, when I learned that there was a velodrome and a cycling club at Case Western Reserve University, I was convinced that I could find a balance between these two worlds. Having the velodrome here was one of the main reasons I choose to move to Cleveland to attend Case; it ensured that I would have an arena to train and race track, which would help me stay involved in cycling.” – Ally Beach, Sophomore, Case Western Reserve University

“The Cleveland Velodrome is a sports venue like no other in Northeast Ohio, a safe, fully enclosed venue for high speed cycling training and racing that allows my teammates and I to prepare for National level cycling races right in our back yard.  The Velodrome allows us to train as a team for high speed races, hitting 35 mph in our sprints without interfering with traffic or worrying about road conditions. It is a fantastic resource as a racing cyclist to have this facility in our community. The Friday evening races at the Velodrome provide an electric atmosphere, since spectators can see and hear all the racing action of the enclosed track from the viewing deck and the short races provide a chance for many different age groups and women to participate in their own races.  Our team enthusiastically supports the Velodrome and we are excited to hear about planned improvements such as lights, bleachers and an all weather year round enclosure.” – Paul Martin, North Royalton, OH

“Not only is the Cleveland Velodrome a great experience for cyclists, but almost every time I am at the track there are a kids from the neighborhood either watching or riding  along with us. The track allows these kids to gain exposure into the world of cycling as well as provide safe, healthy exercise to those who participate. Visiting the Cleveland Velodrome seems to bring happiness to the kids of the community and dedicated cyclists alike.” – Ian McCurdy, Senior, Case Western Reserve University

“The Cleveland Velodrome is great not just for the cycling community, but also the general public of Cleveland. The velodrome is a great resource to get new people into cycling. For example, the most impressive ‘race’ I saw was actually a little 6-year-old girl doing a time trial on the velodrome. She biked by herself and the squeals of joy she would let out on every lap with a grin on her face as she came around each corner was very uplifting. It was great to see somebody so young introduced to the joys of cycling. Riding on the streets would not be safe for her and there are not many protected bike paths. At the velodrome, youth can learn how to ride safely and not be concerned about cars and pot holes.

I feel that the Cleveland Velodrome has the best interest of the children in mind. Over the summer the velodrome organized events and camps for younger riders. The fact that they have a rental fleet of small bikes just for kids speaks to their dedication. I have ridden in a different velodrome (which is well established) and they have no rental bikes for children to ride. It would be much easier for the velodrome’s board and staff to focus only on adult and experienced cycling programming, but I appreciate that they also work towards getting children and new cyclists involved. It is such a joy and a privilege to ride the velodrome and I am glad that the board is working towards making it accessible to everyone.” – Daniela Mehech, Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“I have been a member of the Cleveland Velodrome community beginning with the construction of the facility.  It was amazing that people from all walks of bicycling took their time and effort to contribute to building and assembling of the Velodrome.  During the summer of 2012 I would look forward to going into the city neighborhood and meeting new and interesting people who were also investing their time towards the very worthwhile project.  The volunteers where not just people interested in racing bicycles but more so cyclists and local residents who believe that every improvement to the cycling and/or  community is beneficial.  During the construction phase many of the neighborhood residents would visit the site to see what was happening on the empty lot.  I could sense their excitement that the construction was going to make an improvement to their neighborhood that has declined in recent years.

I have been a bicyclist for 15 years and started racing bicycles 6 years ago at the age of 55.  The Velodrome has provided me another option to race.  Track racing and riding is different than going out onto local roads and dealing with traffic and poor conditions.  I come to the facility, do my workout or race, socialize with great people, then go home.  There is a super community of participants, spectators and volunteers that make the whole thing work.  I always leave with a sense of satisfaction and a smile on my face while looking forwards to the next visit.

On another level I can see the benefit and cost effectiveness of the Velodrome.  I am a retired Parks and Recreation Director, having spent a great deal of time planning and building recreation facilities.  I know how cost effective the building process was and the recreational value the Velodrome brings.  In a local park setting it might cost around $ 250,000 to build a tennis court, basketball court and a small parking lot, additionally the local government would be tasked to maintain the site.  For around the same cost Cleveland got the Velodrome with no investment other than utilizing a vacant property!  The Velodrome does not encumber community money and brings a continued benefit which includes increasing property values, provides a local recreational resource, spurs community development and is recreation facility/opportunity that is unique to Ohio that draws people to Cleveland.” – Bill Flecher, Medina, OH

“The value of the Cleveland Velodrome to the local area cannot be understated.  Cleveland has a strong cycling community, as demonstrated by the large turnouts for summer events.  Resources such as the velodrome further promote exercise and healthy activities; an important role given the significant obesity epidemic occurring in northern Ohio and throughout the United States.  Youth programs at the velodrome offer a positive outlet for children and adolescents and give them additional opportunities to get involved in the community. Moreover, with a relatively small number of these tracks in the United States, it could serve as a major draw for cycling enthusiasts from throughout the upper Midwest, potentially bringing additional tourist dollars to the area. Overall, the thrill of ascending onto the 50+ degree banking at the Cleveland velodrome is almost indescribable and should be experienced by all.” – Adam Bates, Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“I had never heard of a velodrome before a few months ago. A friend invited me out to one of the Saturday classes for beginners and I was blown away – I was  not expecting such an adrenaline rush or such an exceptional workout. The staff was very friendly and patient, giving tips to both the class as a whole and individual cyclists. I am happy that Cleveland is fortunate enough to have a velodrome and would love to see it continue improving with lights and the ability to ride year-round. The velodrome is a perfect place for anyone seeking an active, exciting experience.” – Mike Wassef, Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“I attended a VIP track 101 session on my 11th birthday and had a blast! I have gone on to win two Ohio State Track Championships and love having the opportunity to ride and train on the Cleveland Velodrome” – Tyler Miranda, Valley City, OH

“Having the Cleveland Velodrome has allowed me to learn a new cycling discipline and has provided me the opportunity to qualify for Track Nationals and win the Silver Medal in the Match Sprint in 2013” – Samantha Miranda, Valley City, OH

“Seeing the completion of the Cleveland Velodrome has been so rewarding to all those involved. The excitement of mass start track racing gave me goose bumps when I spectated during the summer of 2013.  I don’t know what was more exhilarating when I attended my first mass start track race at the Cleveland Velodrome, the high-pace racing action or simply the dream of all those who envisioned this velodrome has become a reality and huge success”- Linda Miranda, Valley City, OH

“The opportunity for cyclist to learn a new cycling discipline and have a local, safe place to train and race is vital to the success of developing our youth cyclists.  Like no other cycling event or local cycling venue, we have run across so many people outside of the local cycling community and the state who are excited that Cleveland has a cycling velodrome” – Patrick Miranda, Valley City, OH

“My first visit to the velodrome was one of the first things I did upon moving to Cleveland. This was two summers ago and the velodrome had just opened, offering introductory classes for riders like myself who lacked experienced riding on an inclined bicycle track. Coming from New York City, I was excited by the fact that I now lived in a place that was lucky enough to have a velodrome so close to the city. Having heard the story behind its beginnings, I also felt energized by the fact that I now lived in a city where someone with such a grand idea could turn that into actual reality. In any case, I signed up for one of the beginner classes and showed up on a sunny Saturday, and along with about seven or eight others, ranging from young kids to older adults, we all learned the basics of riding on a banked track. Even though I had ridden on other tracks, this was the first time that I had complete instruction on the technique and etiquette of track riding. The whole session was amazing and incredibly informative, and I felt really welcome to come back at any time. Seeing the joy on people’s faces as they rode around the track was a truly positive experience, and I remember thinking how great it was that the velodrome was attracting young children and getting them involved, as this a first step towards creating lifelong hobbies. Riding on the track itself was fantastic, and such a change from normal bicycle commuting; I feel as though it’s really something that everyone should experience. In addition to the orientation, I have also taken part in a Critical Mass ride that ended in the velodrome, which was great in that it allowed me to explore Slavic Village, which was something I had not done previously. The velodrome is amazing in many ways, and it’s really a great addition to this city.” – Justin Itty Mathew, Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“As a USA Cycling coach, one of my goals is to teach athletes how to ride on the track.  After a few hours of instruction, they gain a huge amount of confidence, skill, and are very eager to start racing.  Another mission is to identify promising athletes who can receive further training and possibly move on to higher levels of competition.  The track does a wonderful job getting kids involved in the sport of cycling as well as adults.  It is a wonderful asset to the community and with the appropriate investments, can be a national destination for competitions and training events.

The cycling community and the neighborhood community has been very excited about the track. I remember one local resident come up to us this past summer and ask, with joy in her eyes, “This is going to help us, help our community?”  The track has and can continue to be a catalyst for change locally, regionally, and nationally as it continues to grow and serve the community” – Tim Edwards, Orange, OH

“As a local student, I was immediately introduced to a community of people who really cared about Cleveland and the health of the local community. The velodrome is not located in a very affluent area of town and the velodrome actively engages residents living right next to the velodrome.” – Gloria Tavera, Student, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

“I got involved in the Cleveland Velodrome about 7 years ago.  I offered to help, attended one meeting, and the next thing I knew I was on the board and leading the fundraising effort.  This track is the passion of a small group of people in Cleveland who were told it couldn’t be done and or shouldn’t be done.  We didn’t listen and now we have one of 24 tracks in the US.  I am extremely proud of our team as we spread our passion for the track one cyclist at a time.   From category 1 racers to 8 year old beginners, everyone who rides the track finishes with a smile on their face” – Matt Litzler, Avon Lake, OH

“The velodrome in Cleveland is one of the greatest thing to happen in my cycling career. Being a junior road racer; competing weekly with adults and pro’s on the new track planted aspirations at nationals. The experience I’ve gained helped me to a top 10 finish at junior track nationals in my first year. Helping with the developing cycling community, the velodrome has offered a healthy experience for everyone who has been involved” – Weston Flickenger, Akron, OH