Become a Donor, Advertiser or Sponsor

The Cleveland Velodrome opened in August of 2012 and since then we have hosted over 10,000 visitors. This includes recreational riders, track racers, spectators and curiosity seekers. They are all drawn to the smooth surface which is free of cars and other road hazards along with the fast paced bicycle riding action on the 50 degree steep turns.

All of our programming is free for youth aged 18 and under and our Track 101 (learn to ride class) is free for adults. To fund the cost of these free programs, we receive financial support from donors, advertisers, and sponsors. For 2017, the Donor, Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities include the following:

Donors – to make tax deductible donation you can use your credit card and make an online payment. Your support can come in a variety of levels. We are registered as an 501(c)3 non-profit organization. No donation small or large goes unappreciated, and each donation supports velodrome programming which is free for kids 18 and younger.

$20-$99 – Bronze Level

$100-$199 – Silver level

$200-$499 – Gold Level

$500-$999 – World Cup Level

$1,000+ – Olympic Level

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Become an advertiser or sponsor of the Cleveland Velodrome.  We offer on site banner, social media and web site advertising programs starting at couple hundred dollars up to customized event, program and advertising programs up to $10,000 dollars.

Advertising – this can include a banner (2 foot x 8 foot and larger) at the track and can also include name/logo placement on our website.

Sponsorship – We have youth programs, race series, race events and women’s clinics that are a great way for companies to get exposure for their product or service. We like to tailor our proposals to the specific needs of the sponsor. In exchange for financial support, the sponsor receives benefits including some combination of the following:

1. Banner Placement at Track
2. Logo Placement on Website
3. Named Program, Race or Series (i.e. ABC Corporation Youth League)
4. News Releases distributed via Website, Facebook, and Twitter
5. Discounted services, products and/or event tickets for your employees
6. Company name mentioned by PA announcer during event(s)
7. Logo placement in race program which is given or sold to race spectators

Phase 2 – Now that we are entering our fifth full year of operations, we are moving ahead with feasibility and planning efforts for Phase 2 – an indoor velodrome.  Phase 2 will feature an indoor track for winter riding and other recreational amenities. Be sure to check out (2017.02.17) Future Phases of Cleveland Velodrome for the latest regarding our plans for future phases.